Welcome to Reasonable Density Seattle

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The City of Seattle is committed to increased density. We applaud that goal, and we are fortunate to live in a place that is a magnet to so many. However, many of us are concerned that ultra-high-density developments will permanently alter the character of our neighborhoods, leading to a deterioration of the very quality of life that makes Seattle such an attractive place to live.

A city is as strong as its neighborhoods, and neighborhoods are as strong as the people in them with a stake in their communities. We will work in accordance with the Department of Planning and Development’s neighborhood-specific design guidelines to make sure that development does not destroy the character of our neighborhoods, in order to ensure that present and future Seattleites of all groups and incomes have the opportunity to experience what makes our neighborhoods such exciting and vibrant places to live. We will also work with the City Council and DPD to ensure that the intent of zoning laws is respected; to clarify the language in the law which some developers interpret as permitting out-of-scale developments; and to hold developments to proper design and SEPA reviews (read more here).

On this site we will feature a variety of views on these issues (see the Posts section); we will also highlight mid-to-high density developments that take into account the character of the neighborhood in addition to providing comfortable places to live.