List of micro-apartment projects

Some of the micro-apartment projects built or permitted and under development on Capitol Hill. Check back for updates to this list.

Note: in our descriptions below the term “unit” refers to individually rented micro-units (separately leased rooms in a suite with a shared food preparation area). The definition of a unit is important, since different thresholds trigger different reviews; more than 8 units trigger Design Review, and more than 20 units trigger State Environmental Policy Review. As we point out elsewhere (see posts on the right), we believe that developers are playing games with these numbers to skirt the review process.

Currently operating:

Calhoun Properties aPodment Suites at the University District and Capitol Hill:

Permitted or under construction:

1728 Summit Ave

621 12th Ave E

  • A single-family residence to be demolished and replaced by a 55-unit apartment building, to be used as a boarding house (see permit). At 5 stories high it will dominate and shade SFRs to North and West.

116 13th Ave E.  (Permit)

  • Lot is cleared! Construction of what is most likely a micro-apartment project. Less than one block from Centro (see above).
  • This is represented by the developer as a four-unit project; however, the Zoning Review on the permit asks pertinent questions (are the rooms “bedrooms” or “apartments”?) that point to a micro-apartment, boarding-house-style project. Here is DPD’s correction letter to the developer, dated November 2011.

422 11th Ave E.

  • Foundation poured and framing started on two four-story towers of 42 units. Permitted as apartment building, occupancy and use is listed “boarding house.”
  • Zoning reviews do not mention number of units/apartments (click on Reviews tab at bottom of permit screen)

306 Summit Ave E.

  • 55 units nearing completion 7 stories, very tall in relation to surrounding buildings in neighborhood.
  • Permitted as a 7-unit (!) boarding house. Check out DPD’s concerns about the number of units in the building dated August 2011. Their concerns must have been addressed, since the review was approved in October 2011.

2371 Franklin Ave E.

  • Single-family residence to be razed, four-story apartment building to be built and used as a boarding house (see permit). Once again, check out DPD’s concerns about the fact the food preparation areas were removed to create more bedrooms.
  • 39 unit permitted.
  • Out of scale for area.

1305 E Mercer St

  • Large SFR to be razed. 56 units proposed. No permit available yet.